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Bitvalley is a team with practical developer experience on Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. Our trainings are project-oriented

Awareness training with interactive exercises for executives and decision-making boards | Development hands-on training for programmers | Mix of awareness, architecture and best QA practices | Customized trainings                        

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application api

application api

To optimise business apps time-to-market using the blockchain, Bivalley proposes a set of common APIs that acts as a middleware

This approach presents many practical advantages: Easy involvement of non-blockchain programming teams | Accelerate time-to-market | Neutrality with regards to a quickly evolving technology landscape | Blockchain-agnostic 

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Bitvalley brings you the wildcard to complete the set of skills for the best time-to-market of your blockchain application

System Architecture | Project Management | Development | QA and Cyber-Security

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Development Environments

Development Environments

With our blockchain API calls you gain the advantage of factoring in the most frequently used blockchain functions for business, to accelerate your developments, be it Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric

Or we can help you developing specific dApps (Ethereum) or Chaincode (Hyperledger Fabric)


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Our Projects

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Crop protection for smallholder Farmers

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Transforming DRM, from sound to blockchain. Watch our demo video!

The Spectrum demo illustrates a collaborative creation cycle, from digital consolidated track to materialised digital rights via the blockchain.
Discover how DRM (Digital Rights Management) can evolve with the blockchain technology to become more transparent, empower creators, simplify rights protection and facilitate monetization. 

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About us

About us

Our vision is to build the new decentralized economic model, with an underlying strategy to facilitate the adoption of this new technology in domains that are ripe for disruption.

Jesus Pena, CEO - Cybersecurity & Blockchain
Vu Tien Khang, CTO - Blockchain & Space
Vitaly Bondar, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Lawyer
Natalia Gredina, UX/UI Designer
Maria Mateo, Cryptoeconomics & Space
Annette Houtekamer, Inclusive Insurance
Denis Bondar, Fintech Entrepreneur
Audrey Baverel, Crypto Tax & ICO PM


Our Partners and References

Bitbank works with companies, government organizations and nonprofits to scale up projects and build network effect 

Grant Thornton
ADA Microfinance
Website Inc

Are you an investor?

We already raised +600K EUR, don't hesitate to contact for further details about our projects and investment rounds

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